Friday, 6 August 2010

2010 555

From Travis in Portland...

i *ucking love your guys' style. Thanks for the tip on Johnny Alpha, he plays the best music to ride to. Anyways me and some mates are doing this trip called the 555.
Older than 1975, under 500cc and under 500 bucks. Last year we made it all the way to the east coast from Portland, Oregon. heres the link from last year's trip trip.
Heres the one for this year's trip. It's a little different however. we are flying into detroit with out any bikes bought yet and trying to ride them home. gonna be awesome.
it would be cool if you could post a link for our blog this year. we will be updating daily about how many plugs fouled and fuses blown! (see one rider's toolkit above. Love the Famous Grouse.)
2010 555
Cheers, keep up the awesome mag! -Travis

Thor from the Smoking Seagulls (pictured below) is doing it too.


stevie coles said...

i thought that was a stick o tnt in the pic, upon closer inspection its jus a dome tent. oh well!.

mp said...

Thats a real good story.