Thursday, 12 August 2010

Icon Cold Dead Fingers

From Kurt at Icon.

We just finished up our fall photoshoot and I thought these photos might be of interest to you. This is my '72 Ironhead in all her ghetto tracker glory. I call her Cold Dead Fingers. We've got access to a local North Portland container yard we use as a proving ground for the Icon builds. I had Jason Britton and the rest of the Icon team out for a little urban gravel fun. BTW - Great job with Sideburn, Portland and the Icon crew are big fans.

What do get when you cross huge sums of horsepower with swiss watch reliability? We're not sure, but it definitely isn't Cold Dead Fingers. Fingers is more like an unholy mashup between early Pink Floyd, a Taurus Judge, and a glittery bass boat. You know - kinda awkward, not very comfortable, and of questionable practicality - but she can catch, clean & cook a mean catfish. Yeah, Fingers is a lot like that. She's powered by the high water mark of HD engineering - the 1972 Ironhead Sportster. A kick only, right hand shift, 1000cc homage to the American dream. Equally at home on a post-war interstate, a blue groove oval, or your neighbors lawn, she defies petty classifications. Upgraded to period correct competition standards - R6 forks, Kawi wheels, and the finest Kenda meats $60 will buy - she stands ready to enact the mercy rule on all would be doubters. Straight from the era defined by easy love, greasy locks, and piles of blow - you're welcome to take her for a ride - if you can pry her from our Cold Dead Fingers.


Skylar said...

I like it. They will no doubt be revving the throttle at every stop light in NW Portland, giving dirty looks to anyone who dares walk in their vicinity. Ironheads sound every bit as great as they are unreliable.

Anonymous said...

lovely bike, would prefer an air fence instead of container gaurdrail thou!.