Thursday, 12 August 2010

Sideburn #6 Pre-Order Now

OK, it's time to stop teasing and tell you Sideburn 6 will be back from the printers on Thursday August 19 - a week today. We're taking
pre-orders so we can write some jiffybags and avoid freaking out (this is a kitchen table operation remember).
There have been a couple of changes:
1. We have a new webshop that should be a bit easier to deal with. But now ALL prices are in UK £. Pound notes (it automatically calculates the exchange rate from which ever country you are in)
2. The price has gone up 50 pence; It's now £5 plus postage. With the exchange rates some countries will be cheaper than before when postage is included. The webshop updates the prices when you add to your cart.

The special offer T-shirt we did with issue 5 went down so well we thought we'd do another. Inspired by the Rollerball feature in the magazine. The T-shirt is a Gildan Ultra Cotton (the same good quality we always use), bright orange with Rollerball font '13' on the front and 'SIDEBURN' on the back.
Limited edition, never to be repeated.
UK £15 inc postage
Everywhere else £20 inc postage
Sizes S - XXL

Email any questions to: dirt @ (remove the spaces)

click here for the new SIDEBURN WEBSHOP


Giannis said...

Order Placed..

ps: tried to order a patch and said " Sorry, “Embroidered Patch ” doesn’t ship to Greece"


AadmanZ said...

order placed..

Sideburn Magazine said...

Giannis, I've sorted the patch thing now. Thanks for spotting that. You can order now and it'll be packaged up together. There might be other glitches I need to get to the bottom of.

YZ400BEN said...

No fair-already paid my subs, but NEED a Rollerball tee-missed out on the one-off tee last time too. Thought subscribing would be better for Sideburn than buying single issues. Could you offer the tee's to subscribers?
Sorry to whinge...

Diplomate said...

wow - i bet james caan had wished he could have bought gear so easily on such a slick hi-tech intraweb shop

Anonymous said...

...rollerball you say?...cor!...

Anonymous said...

been chewing, my finger nails, now onto toes!!.
are you comin to rye house on 20th for practice?.
if so bring us an 1/8th, no hang on a 1/4.
oh sorry, wrong addiction!, ill ave 2 copies instead!!.

originalracingsnake said...

If we order SB6 and the Tee, does our sub get extended by an issue?