Sunday, 29 August 2010

Indy Mile photos

Crowd pleasers. Springsteen, Smith, Werner. I hope Kawasaki are giving them some love, because the Green Machine aren't getting many high profile wins elsewhere (Though we know Tom Sykes and Ryan Farquhar are doing the business on ZX-10s).
Smith, Carr, Bonsey, Halbert, Johnson. The Dash for Cash. Kopp qualified but didn't start.
Nicky Hayden did demo laps on the Lloyd Brothers Ducati 1000cc framer. He's just put in a request for a Sideburn T-shirt. No shit.
Right, when was the last time a multi-cylinder Kawasaki won a GNC main?
Do anything it takes to tuck in down the straights. 26 Brandan Bergen, 51 Steve Murray.
Carr led the main, but came in (a still great) second.
Matt Weidman on a high line. He finished 9th behind Mees.
Smith and Carr.
Now then, is that Fatty from Des Moines in a prototype FTWCo T-shirt, trucker cap and camo shorts in this AMA crowd shot?
JD Beach won the Pro Singles support race.
Larry Pegram on the other Lloyd Brothers Ducati 1000. Read about this bike in Sideburn 4.
Still got it. Chris Carr won the Dash for Cash from Sammy Halbert.
Kopp was back on the Ducati and came sixth, one place behind title rival Sammy Halbert. Sammy's trailing Smokin Joe in the combined championship, but leading the twins title race. We have a fantastic interview with Sammy in Sideburn 6

Photos: AMA Pro Racing


Nick said...

Great pictures, looks a fantastic event,

Stuman714 in Indy said...

The last time a multi-cylinder bike won an AMA GNC main was August '75. The AMA outlawed multi's after the '75 season and AMA Flat Track GNC competition has been made up solely of twins since that time--except for the Singles races part of the schedule, of course.

Sideburn Magazine said...

Hi Stu
Thanks for that, I meant when has Kawasaki won a dirt track National on anything that wasn't a single. Has that ever happened?

Stuman714 in Indy said...

Sorry Gary!

No, this was Kawi's first ever win in GNC Twins racing. Quite the milestone for Bill, Jay and Bryan. I got a chance to shake Bill's hand in the AMA tech area after the race and told him he should be real proud of what they had done that night!

Anonymous said...

Screw Fatty from Des Moines, I wanna meet that blonde darlin'on the rail.....