Friday, 20 August 2010

It's here

At last. All subscribers and pre-ordered copies are with the Royal Mail. We aim to send any subsequent orders within 24 hours of the order coming in (depending on racing, gibbering, riding, paying work).
We're down to our last few Rollerball T-shirts (3 small, 5 medium... XXL all gone). If you would like one don't hang around. Thanks to everyone who ordered them.
Order the mag here.
Gracias! G


Chris said...

Arrived yesterday... cheers guys. Lovin' the Spot UV

Nick said...

Great magazine, different stories about different people , and love the T,

By Hand and By Brain said...

well done fellas-A stand up journal to be sure!!


Anonymous said...

dont 4get to bring some to lynn g!!.

Anders said...

Got it. Looks good as always. Well done!