Saturday, 7 May 2011

Aldana Art Print for sale

We've had a couple of great days. In the run-up, lots of people expressed an interest in the great event poster Adi at 99 Seconds designed and illustrated for us, but couldn't they couldn't make the events.
We had a very limited run printed up on 300gsm high quality A3-size paper, then we had David Aldana sign all of them.
We have a few left for sale. Get yours at the Sideburn webshop.

NOTE: If you order more than one the webshop will charge you for multiple postage BUT we will refund the extra postage. G


Father Ted said...

Great night of racing from all and everyone,Sorry couldn't stay for after the interval. Aldana was giving it some beans big time down the back straight.
Who was the guy who kept winning, from where I was standing he seemed to glide round the corners from entry onwards, no engine noise at all.
But 81x you're my new dude of the month.

Anonymous said...

save us a poster and large t shirt G.
payday on the 15th!!.