Monday, 30 May 2011

Sado Maso

Links links links. The other day, a mate emailed me to say he was listening to FIP, a French radio station that you can tune into online. So I did. There was some OK stuff, but then a stand-out track made me go hunting to see if I could find it on YouTube, and here it is in all its whip-kitsch glory. So, I sent the link to GI and he immediately recognised it from an edition of Sideburn resident DJ Sir Johnny Alpha's Killer Diller show. Download that show in its 90-minute entirety right here. You really should. Meanwhile, I'm late for my appointment for enslavement by agreeable Gallic vixens. MP


Nick said...

We are normal and we want are freedom, we are normal and we dig Bert Weadon!!

burrito bros said...

Thx for the info for Alpha's Killer Diller show. I download it and play it. Great. That's what you promised