Friday, 13 May 2011

Sammy Halbert Road Racing!

This weekend at Infineon (Sears Point, right?) in the AMA XR1200 series. This, from a press release:

To prepare for his XR1200 class debut, the Graham, WA, rider has attended several racing schools and track days to acquaint himself with the techniques of motorcycle road racing. “I know I’ll have some catching up to do, but I’m hoping once it’s race time, my competitive instincts will kick in and I’ll be able to keep up,” Halbert said.

When his competitive instincts kick in? Holy cow, we'd love to see this. Joe Kopp is doing a full season, we think. He came third at Daytona. G

UPDATE: As BBC said, Sammy's been having speedway lessons. We didn't know he was thinking of coming over here, though. I'm emailing him now! Watch this video. He gets the hang of it... We spotted it at Poppawheelie. G


BlackCountryBiker said...

He's been doin' some speedway too, having lessons from Billy Hamill. I read in Cycle News that he hoping to come over to the UK in October to ride a few speedway meetings with the USA touring team. Slammin' Sammy on UK shale - bring it on,

BlackCountryBiker said...

This is a link to Sammy's column in Cycle News
It's also mentioned in Speedway Star this week. Steve Evans, the Black Country born manager of the USA Touring says that "We are exploring the possibility of bringing him to the UK in October".

BlackCountryBiker said...

Just sent him a message on Facebook, reckon we could get him in a STUK event if he comes over?

Nick said...

just fantastic, awestruck don't know what to say GOBSMACKED much respect

Anonymous said...

bugger he'd wipe the floor wi us.
bring it on!!.

BlackCountryBiker said...

From Sammy himself...
Yes it is in the works. I would love to make it (over to the UK).
Just have to see if it works with our schedules.
Thanks Sammy.