Sunday 8 May 2011

Oxford United: UPDATE

David Aldana in the pits with Suzuki's Boastie and Tim Neave. David rode Boastie's beautiful 450 framer.It was too hectic for me to get any action shots, but I'll post them when they turn up. I've never seen so many photographers and video teams.Aldana wasn't over to do a few demo laps. He was racing Europe's fastest (and not so fastest). He was great, and yes, he wore skeleton leathers. Aldana T-shirts and posters went down well. Get yours at the Sideburn webshop.
Jacapo Monti and his friend/mechanic Ulderico drove from Northern Italy (about 900 miles) to be at both events. Jacapo had new tuxedo leathers, won the Thunderbike final and came third in the Short Track Main, behind Ade Collins and Tyson Nelson. A good week.A lot of people put in a massive effort to put this race on and it was worth it. Co-Built and their family and friends put Adi's poster all over town. The Co-Built guys also worked hard with Boastie of Short Track UK to prep a track that hadn't hosted a motorcycle race for years. They had to deal with people who didn't want it to happen, but had the support of the owners.
There was a televised greyhound race the same day (on a sand track on the outside of the shale bike track). It finished at 2pm, just three hours before practice was scheduled. One condition of the race was to cover the whole dog track with tarpaulin sheets held down with tyres and line the fence between the two tracks with dust sheeting to catch the shale.
We've had the driest April on record, so there had also been days of watering by Co-Built and friends. Loads of people mucked in, the British champion, Ade Collins, spent two hours watering turns three and four before practice. Thanks to all, and of course all the UK Short Track organisation and marshals.
The biggest crowd in UK dirt track history turned out, people who hadn't seen a live motorcycle race, never mind a dirt track race, turned out. Oxford, being a dog track, had a big bar/restaurant, that looked down on the track, and it, the terraces on the main straight and Turn 1&2 looked good and busy from the pits.
The guest star, David Aldana was great, rode hard, crashed harder and kept smiling. A smashed up bike stopped him from making the final. Oh, 2009 Isle of Man Senior TT winner Steve Plater was racing too.Thanks to everyone who came to the Sideburn night, we had people from Newcastle, Scarborough, Liverpool, Kent, Italy, and some big names who could've entertained the crowd telling their own stories (like race promoter Bruce Cox; bike designer, aerodynamicist and cartoonist John Mockett and the two below, journalists and authors, Rupert Paul and Mat Oxley).A huge thanks to those who helped put it on: Co-Built, who basically made it happen; Adi (fueled on Hobgoblin beer) for the killer artwork;Skooter Farm for the DVD projector; Anna Custom Made for bunting and taking money on the door; Jason, Alastair, Peter, Guy and Red Max for the bikesand Julian Ryder for being the MC. GIAldana auctioned off some great memorabilia.

It's nearly midnight, practice started at 5pm, but David is still smiling.Action photos and Drogo Michie movie! to follow...Drogo was so over excited, he got through a lot of tissues.
My old mate Ozzer came along and took some photos. This is Anthony Co-Built showing me how to ride. Am I sitting too far forward? Anthony's well back and was flying that night, 2nd in the Thunderbikes final. G



What a great couple of days ! SIDEBURN night was ace , Dave Aldana top bloke .Big thanks to you guys and Ant/Anna for setting it all up (i know it aint easy ).
Racing at Oxford - what a place and some great racing . Big thanks again to all involved inc Boastie who looked a bit beaten up at the end (and Aldana wrecked his new bike !)Steve #59

Dr-Ogo said...

Now BP, are you suggesting I don't have boudoir stamina?

Sideburn Magazine said...

you can't make a feature film on 1 roll of film.
is normal procedure

Chris said...

those DJ leathers are the shizzle!

Anonymous said...

if the rest of the rounds rock as hard as this one did, then we are in for a mega yr!!!.
roll on silverstone moto gp!.

Sideburn Magazine said...

I noticed Drakey #72 sits forward too, on his heap-'o-shite CCM, but then leans right back at 45∘
Seems to fly any which way.
Is this your grass-track roots Drakey?

Drakey72 said...

No just trying to hang to the bloody thing!

Sideburn Magazine said...

just in case you are wondering, I only have TOTAL respeck for you - And your machine!
And it just goes to show (everyone - myself included) that you don't need a flash / modern / lightweight / 'proper'/expensive weapon, to do the job.

Drakey72 said...

Cheers ben, appreciate that, just enjoy my racin and getting a few scalps now and again!

Anthony Brown said...

You manage that often!

McQmoto said...

A fantastic evening with Dave Aldana followed by close, fast, hard and nail biting racing the following night and I was only watching! Truly well done Guys and thanks for making it all happen. I was only too happy to stump up for tickets - both events were worth every penny.

Anonymous said...

ben your welcome to join the bear turd gang any time ya like!.
i heard drakeys secret, is a pre meeting castrol R and vodka spritzer, over crushed ice, and served in a bedpan!!.