Wednesday, 14 November 2012


Ben Wilson has popped up a few times on the Sideburn blog. This is his first mass-produced bicycle. BP
Donky bike is a versatile load carrier designed to be ridden easily and safely with whatever you need to take with you. Cargo load is carried on the frame, not the handlebars, so the steering and handling remain light and balanced. The Donky is made with a tough steel frame equipped with simple low maintenance components.
The idea behind Donky bike was to create an affordable, practical bike which has a large load carrying capability. With great handling and steering, even at low speeds through traffic and when loaded with cargo. The idea was to build a bike that will last a lifetime, with durable components that can be added, repaired or replaced anywhere in the world, and is easy to build, ride and maintain. A bike for life, not landfill, a Donky bike is built to last.
The racks on the front and back are removable for storage, and in the future, Donky bike will offer further accessories which will be able to clip onto the frame. Compact strong and easy to ride.


rustyli150 said...

Fugly but i like it.

Looks 100% better in black but mer-mer-mer-makes me think of ger-granville.

WhitelinePsycho said...

I'm with you Rusty, but being built on the hardcore side of 'form follows function' it deserves to do well, love to see G-G-G-Gladys up f-f-front and G-G-G-Granville up the b-b-back.

rustyli150 said...

I like the way the racks come off and mount sideways on for storage.