Saturday, 24 November 2012

SIDEBURN #12 Party Snaps

Thanks to everyone who came out on a winter's night in London, especially to those who rode in from the provinces like the Essex Harley fellas and rootbeerbobber; those who came down from Sheffield, Liverpool, King's Lynn and Oxford and Matt from Racefit who jumped on the train, plus the Southsiders and Mark Woodhatch who flew in from France and the El Solitario crew who travelled from Spain.
Big thanks to Kraken rum. That stuff must be good, because what Kraken thought would last four hours went in 90 mins. Plus a huge gracias to Edwin Jeans for hosting.
No thanks to the meathead who blocked the Sideburn van in a blind alley and made me hang around for over an hour till the police got in touch with him (somehow). It was worth it to see Dai Jobu freaking out, on my behalf, and hammering on the bonnet, bellowing 'MOVEYOURFUCKINGCAR' for five minutes while the copper stared at him.
Edwin are already talking about another Sideburn party next year. G


Stevie Coles said...

Sum serious winter beard action goin down there!!.

jimmy monk said...

Cheers Ben and Gary.
Excellent night.

Vincent Prat said...

Good to see you All Mates !

great party

Paolo said...

Amazing Lammy, gorgeous birds... And I was in Glasgow, huh. Won't absolutely miss the next.