Saturday, 24 November 2012

Trophy Kings - UPDATE

The Sideburn #12 launch party at the Edwin Jeans store was a blast, thanks to the Kraken rum and everybody that came down and made it so. I'll post some crowd scene snaps tomorrow.
In the meantime, these are the trophies we awarded for "Best Bike" (bad cop with the wheel) which went to Ornamental Conifer's Honda Rebel Sushi Eater.
And "Furthest Traveled by Motorcycle" (wrestler with handlebar) which went to Jules who traveled 230 miles from Liverpool on his Cagiva. BP
Jules doesn't have Looney Tunes cartoon-style good and bad personified influences on his shoulders (well, he might, but you can't see them), this is BP in white and James, Edwin's store manager, in black. GI
Jules heroically rode the same bike at Dirt Quake in the Inappropriate Road Bike class. Cagiva Canyon; Honda Fireblade; Honda C90 (might have a cheeky Chinese 150cc pit-bike engine in there); Royal Enfield Bullet; BMW R80/7 - what a line-up. Photo by Fly.

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WhitelinePsycho said...

If only I was 10,000 miles closer.