Tuesday, 27 November 2012

New stuff, old stuff

We have a new embroidered logo patch. £3.50 plus post (post is free if you order with anything else).
It's bigger than the first red and subsequent green ones we had made. This one measures 120mm x 40mm (4.5in x 1.5in).
UPDATE: The scarves sold out. Thanks to those who bought them.
We've also found three of the original Sideburn scarf that sold out over a year ago. £15 plus post.


rustyli150 said...

Where do you keep finding all this old out stuff?

Are you careless or lucky?

Dont suppose you have any sold out cam shafts for early bsa a7s have you?

Sideburn Magazine said...

Disorganised. We've got about 300 brown boxes that all look the same. Stuff gets put away at a show, buried under T-shirts in the rush to get home, then it gets unearthed. Sorry, we don't have a warehouse or staff to do stocktakes. My five-year-old helps me sometimes. G

Sideburn Magazine said...

And, when we do find stuff we sell it at the original price. We're not trying to fleece anyone. G

rustyli150 said...

All good for the cv