Sunday, 11 November 2012

El Solitario Pop Bikes

I've just returned from Spain where I was staying with the El Solitario family for a couple of nights. It was a great time. More about it in the future.
It reminded me I had these amazing Kristina Fender photos of the Pop series of bikes El Solitario built. 125s with BMX bars, obnoxious exhausts and great paint.
At €8000 they're a lot for a 125, but not a lot for a custom bike of this standard.
We saw these at our Kiddo party in Barcelona and fell for them. G

UPDATE: The whole El Solitario crew are coming from Spain for our Sideburn Edwin party.

1 comment:

ElSolitarioMC said...

So rad to have had the opportunity to share a couple of days with you.
Will be remembered.
See u on the 22nd in London!!!