Thursday, 21 February 2013

Classic Endurance at Imola

 Our good friend, Peter from Hungary, sent this email and his photos.

Just saw on instagram site (search for @sideburnmag) the Phase One Kawa (#4). It's not just a beauty, it's terrible fast too. I was in Imola at 200miles revival in last year, and I made a few shots about that bike, and about your friends too, with that nice guzzi nr.21. I send you these 
best wishes 

The Guzzi, 21, is Andrew Guzzi Nerd, an Englishman in LA who races a Guzzi in Europe. Nut. There's seems to be a 4-cylinder GoldWing racing in this lot too. Double-nut. G
All Photos: Peter Guld.

UPDATE: Peter's been back in touch. It is a GoldWing. See the new Peter Guld photo below.

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