Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Sideburn x Ruby x Ornamental Conifer

I was slightly envious of Ben's Lagoon blue Castel (with it's special Sideburn branding on the goggle strap, that mine didn't have), until I collected mine back from Ornamental Conifer. Nico did a great asymmetrical job of the Ruby Castel full-face at a very reasonable price.
It's pink and pale blue, with black and 23ct gold leaf arrow, lightning flash and numbers. No lacquer so it will age, gracefully. If you want anything painting, get in touch with O.C. through his site. He does this for a living, but you get what you get given. He's not for steering, and he doesn't like doing the same on either side 'It's boring'.
Big thanks to Ruby and Ornamental Conifer. G


chish said...

Just how nice are them lids?

GrizzlyHippo said...

Gary, glad you've got one! What size is/was your Arai and what size is the Ruby Castel? I can't find one anywhere to try on. Cheers, Tom.

Sideburn Magazine said...

Grizzly Hippo, I'm medium in Arai and Castel.
Can this place in the Midlands help you


GrizzlyHippo said...

Thanks Gary. I'm a small in Arai, so we'll see. Yes I'll give them a call. Oh yeh, this is Tom G. who's building the Ducati FlatStreetTracker with Louigi... will we ever finish it??? Cheers, Tom