Monday, 4 February 2013

Verona 2013 Pt3: The Triumphs

 TPR's latest Triumph twin. This Milanese outfit do a lovely job. They make the headlight nacelle and tank.
Very bizarre Meriden twin with a streamlined seat. Is the seat suspended? I should have looked closer when I took the photo, but I was on a mad rush around.
 Mr Martini's idea of a bagger was a Rocket III with a Harris-style Endurance twin headlight fairing, these very chic panniers and twin Zard exhaust. Strangely alluring.
 Danny Hard9 seems to build a lovely skinny little glittery Triumph for every Verona Show.
Mr Martini builds beautiful bikes. This is Jerolamo - a Thunderbird triple (before the Thunderbird became a 1600cc Twin cruiser). Ducati front end, stock frame and swingarm, new sub-frame. It's the business. It won Best Cafe Racer. G

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Anonymous said...

I wanna like the TPR 'Umph, but dang, is that seat big enough? You could fit a family of four on it!