Tuesday 12 February 2013

The One Motorcycle Show BOOKS

Thor Drake of the One Motorcycle Show, Portland, Oregon is using the funding site Kickstarter to produce a pair of beautiful motorcycle books. I've seen the sample books and want them on my bookshelf.
As I understand it, you pledge to buy the book, that raises the fee for the printing, then you get your book or books. If it doesn't reach the target, you get your money back.

This is what Thor (of See See Motorcycles) says (read this and click the picture above to watch the short video):

We are pre-selling the books from years 1 & 2. These are hardbound full quality books. Your contribution will help us kickstart these 2 finished books and give us the funds to start on the next two books from last year's show and this years show. Please go to http://the1moto.com/books/ follow the directions for purchase. It's easy and secure.

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