Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Verona 2013 Pt.4: The Italians

It's been a busy month, so I'm still catching up with Verona snaps. Above is a gorgeous South Garage Kelevra, a liquid-cooled Ducati of some sort, perhaps in an early Monster chassis, but I'm not sure which, it's changed that radically.
Our good friends Zaeta brought this forest print DT (with a TM engine). Read about Zaeta, and one of its founders, Paolo Chiaia, in Sideburn 11.
 Spain's Radical Ducati brought a bevy of Bologna beauties.
David Caforio came with a recently finished Guzzi. He said the seat was inspired by the Banned Triumph Don Castro raced and was featured in Sideburn 7.
 Lorenzo's SWM won the Sideburn award. We'll feature it in a forthcoming issue.
Mr Martini doesn't just modify Triumphs...

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