Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Dirty Needle Embroidery

So this there's this guy, who looks like the ghost of Bobby Gillespie, in jeans so tight they appear to have to have been painted on. His hair makes him look like he narrowly escaped being tarred and feathered. They only got the first bit done. He's wearing Chelsea boots too.
His name is Cody.
His other-half appears to be the polar opposite. Tierra looks as healthy as muesli (but tastier). They're an odd couple, for sure, but are obviously madly in love. It's Portland in February. They are both used to the desert squelch of Reno, Nevada, so they buy a couple of Sideburn scarves to keep warm and wear them for the rest of the One Motorcycle Show weekend.
We keep in touch via instagram. Then something weird and unsettling keeps popping up on their feeds. It's sudden and matter-of-fact. Tierra's in hospital. A freak auto-immune disease has attacked her and both (BOTH!) her kidneys failed. They organs have had it. Never working again.
Now Cody is doing anything he can to make money to help pay the bills. One of his ideas is to make custom patches to sell. They're the best patches I've ever seen. He makes them with a single needle sewing machine, like he's tattooing the fabric. It's a crazy process. I'm commissioning one.
He'll make you one.
Go to
Follow his progress through instgram using @dirtyneedleembroidery

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