Sunday, 15 September 2013

DTRA Round 7, King's Lynn

This extra round was added to the 2013 DTRA Schedule to replace the rained-off Tir Prince round, so we had to commission seven rather than six, but it was no chore to ask the mighty Death Spray Custom.
The race is at Norfolk Arena, King's Lynn. September 29.
Racing from 12.
Spectators go free!
For more info on how to get involved as a racer or marshal, go to the DTRA website.

As with all the other 2013 DTRA Posters we asked the artist a few questions. Here is Death Spray's answers...

Age: 69

Where do you live: London

What do you own? Suzuki GSXR1100 H

What's your dream bike? 
People who know me know I like to espouse the BASARA MC one man, one bike philosophy, so I'd like an air cooled Vyrus 984, or a tax and tested Britten, or the HIDE Knick Knack XLCH or a Jeff Wright x DSC Norton Commando, can you hear me Jeff?

Who is your favourite racer?
It would be a frankenstein of Stéphane Peterhansel, Jean Michel Bayle and Jamie Whitham.

If you were to start racing flat track, what bike would you choose?
If I could create my own dirt track bike I think it would be based around an ex-works factory Norton RCW588 rotary engine.

What was the inspiration for your DTRA poster?
I went for a sort of vintage carnival optical illusion eye fuck so as it's something completely different from the other (superb) posters you've had before.

Finish this sentence: Loud Pipes... 
are one of the key reasons motorcycles come under social and political pressure for control and restrictions. Motorcycling is dying in the UK. If we, as motorcyclists, want it to survive we should take a bit more responsibility for ourselves. White pipes, however, fucking rule!

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Jeff Wright said...

That sounds nice. White Pipes! Cheers!