Monday, 9 September 2013

Springfield Mile 2 Catch-Up

Second verse, same as a the first! Springfield Mile two, the Sunday race, had a familiar ring to it. #44 Brandon Robinson won the GNX Expert twins race, from Bryan Smith and JD Beach...
Hey Axo, get your star man some leathers without kneeslider velcro on the knees!
While Shayna Texter also did the double in the Basic Twins class. I wonder what odds you'd get on those to results.
White numbers on black plates denote the Basic Twins. 
Brad Baker - came 5th. A good haul of points going into the final two rounds.
Is this a shot of the 2013 #1 chasing the 2012 #1?
Mikey (I think it's now Michael) Martin #91, made the main, got the fastest lap on his Bonneville Performance Triumph, but then pulled up midway through the race.
Bryan Smith making the lowline work. Read more about his bike in the next Sideburn.
Jared Mees was in a battle. Watch the amazing onboard of his Main race below. 
1. Robinson. 2. Smith. 3. Beach.
1, 2, 3 Kawasaki.

Next race: Santa Rosa Mile - September 29.
All photos courtesy of AMA Pro Racing.

WATCH THIS! Click the icon in the corner of the screen for full screen. Awesome action.

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