Sunday, 29 September 2013

Scrambled Egg

Street Trackers and Scramblers seem to be currently eclipsing Cafe Racers on coolometers. The 950cc 50º V-twin Star Bolt came out (Yes you can use both interpretations of the phrase) earlier this year. Based on the gauche XVS950A Midnight, why did Yamaha deem it necessary to come up with an all new brand name?
Thankfully people are already chopping Bolts up. This street scrambler below is by Greg Hageman from Docs Chops. BP


Drakey72 said...

my kind of thunderbike!!

Elton A.R. Alwine said...

Absolutely fantastic looking Bolt. I'm developing an affinity for scramblers...
We just had a Bolt(-on) build-off between two techs at our dealership. I'm beginning to think we set our sights too low.