Friday, 20 September 2013


These photos came in ages ago, but I was away, so I never got around to posting them. Still worth a quick flick through. This is the Sacramento Mile, from back on 27 July.
Bryan Smith #42 won, starting a rush of wins for Kawasakis. We have two great features lined up for SB15 about Kawasaki twins.
Brad Baker, #12, was fourth on the XR750

From qualifying.
#2 Coolbeth made the main on the factory H-D. #49 Chad Cose didn't make it through the semis. Veteran rider, Dan Ingram #31, DNF'd in the semi.

Johnny Lewis #10, transferred straight to the main on his Latus Triumph and came 15th, one place behind Mikey Martin's Triumph. #59 Willie McCoy was 10th in the main.

Sammy Halbert was on the comeback trail after an injury and operation over the winter. He came fifth, but the season would turn sour a few days later when he crashed at a non-GNC race at Sturgis.
Coolbeth #2, Robert Pearson #27, Jake Johnson #5 (on one his last rides for Zanotti), Mikey Martin #91.
In The main, there were 9 x XR750, 6 x Kawasaki, 2 x Triumph, 1 x Ducati.
Close finish. First to Sammy Halbert in fifth was just 0.223 seconds.
1. Smith; 2. Mees; 3. Robinson.
1. Kaw; 2. H-D; 3. Kaw.

All photos courtesy of AMA Pro Racing.


Hairy Larry said...

Thanks for posting the great infield shots...even though I got to be there...I'd love to watch the action from that vantage point. Speaking of two years ago...I just re-read the article Gary did for Classic Bike...about the same time...the article based on the fine collection of American flattrack bikes of the 'On any Sunday' era...good stuff. Inspiring me to get going on my flattrack projects.

Sideburn Magazine said...

Hi Larry, I write a lot and have a poor memory, but I'm pretty sure that story was by Mick Duckworth, not me. Cheers

Hairy Larry said...

Had to check...says words Gary Rory Game. 'Children of the Revolution'...Feb. 2011...ish 373...just sayin' hahaha ...Cheers back.

Sideburn Magazine said...

Larry, hmmm, my memory is clearly even worse than I suspected it was. G