Saturday, 28 September 2013

Fast Freddie

My memory is so shot, I forgot I'd written about this short film, and even interviewed Freddie over the phone about it, back in 2008 until I was searching old copies of PB for something. It blew me away when I first saw it and it did five years later.
There are a lot of pretentious motorcycle films clogging up the internet. This is the drain cleaner to flush the worst away. G


Elton A.R. Alwine said...

Gary, I'd love to see Bike or Performance Bikes re-imagine this battle. Nissan 370 v Honda Fireblade v Honda RC213V maybe?

The video itself is actually pretty cool, with Erv and a relaxed Freddie just toying with everyone...

ElSolitarioMC said...

so rad!!!