Sunday, 22 September 2013

Firm Hold

So your day job is skirmishing with modern day pirates on the high seas. You are more versatile than Harry Houdini, in wriggling out of sticky situations. You raced your Yamaha XS750 chop at Dirt Quake II (wearing a Men in Black suit). You obviously tackle adversity with relish. But when your tubeless tyre gets smacked off the rim in a pothole in the middle of nowhere, how do you get home eh clever clogs?
Mike had been riding in the thick of 50 motorbikes on the Mud Crab ride-out in the glorious Peak District, but had dropped to the back of the pack so as to do some filming when BANG! his front end disappeared and the Astralite front rim took a big dent. He found himself shipwrecked.
Being the enterprising visionary sort, he walked to the nearest shop. Bought a can of Pantene firm-hold hair spray (it's not something he normally carries in his man-bag). Doused the the gap between crudely undented rim and tyre bead and then set fire to it. POOF! the tyre exploded back on to the rim and he rode off into the sunset on his next adventure. BP


Damian McCann said...

That's class Mike.

Mike if you work in maritime security then I've just stumbled upon an spooky dirt quake connection.

3 of us in the rookie class on Pete Boast bikes all work in the maritime sector, I work with fuel monitoring systems and engines on ships and have just returned from Pirate central:Port Harcourt and the other chap; is it Chris? Is from the British Antarctic Survey and their ships have our kit on board. What a small world it is.

I've been away allot so haven't made another event but hope to be at all race meets next year.

footlooselizzy said...

Thats the kind of bloke we all need around when things go tits up.

WhitelinePsycho said...

Bloody genius, heard about it in near mythical terms, never seen it, bravo mate, champeen !!!

andyrotax said...

He must have been a boy scout!!

Guy@GK said...


Elton A.R. Alwine said...

That is epic shit right there!

Mike Johnson said...

Cheers guys.. the lads filming only stuck around to see if the chop was gonna burn :)

Tyre is still holding (1 month later).

Cheers Damian - lets catch up for a beer sometime :)