Monday, 24 August 2015

Briar Flips The Bird

No sooner had a local paper, then the AMA commentators, crowned Henry Wiles 'King Henry' than his 'subjects' were acting in a revolutionary manner.

Earlier this month Henry Wiles won his 11th straight Peoria TT and thanked current champion Jared Mees for at least making a race of it this year. Here the young Briar Bauman is showing what he thinks of Wiles' achievement.

Bauman came fifth in Peoria and third at the Black Hills Half-Mile, Sturgis, in the previous round. He's sixth in the championship standings, Wiles eighth.

As you can see from the screengrab above, the young Californian wasn't ashamed of getting caught giving the racewinner the bird. He even put it on his instagram. He was given a fine for being detrimental to the sport of motorcycle racing.
Peoria was feisty. It sounds like two other riders were fined $625 and $500 and banned for a race each, for having an 'altercation'.

While I was trying to find a better shot of the Bauman incident, and failing, I found this video below. The needle between the two is pretty funny.

Final thing, what's with sticking the tops of your ears into your cap? Never a good look. G

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