Tuesday, 11 August 2015

FTWCo win Sturgis Hooligan Dirt Dash

Hooligan flat track is really catching on in the US, and while there aren't too many people racing it yet, it's getting a huge amount of coverage. It's a class flat track for heavy street bikes, and is used by race organisers to up entry numbers at club races and add interest in between the more traditional race classes. The most popular bike is the Harley Evo Sportster, cheap in the US, the right manufacturer for many people, tough and with lots of knowledge and parts available to make them work surprisingly well.

We ran a feature on a few Hooligans in Sideburn 21, with a beginner's guide on how to convert a Sportster for short track hooligan racing written by Aaron of Suicide Machine Co.

We also hosted a very, very competitive Harley-Davidson-sponsored Hooligan race at Dirt Quake USA. The scene got a ton more coverage at last week's Sturgis rally in South Dakota.

If you don't already know, Sturgis is an enormous Harley rally in a stunning area for riding. The GNC hold the mid-week Black Hills National there and the promoters put on a demo race on National night, while The Speed Merchant and Harley-Davidson promoted a Hooligan race the next night on the Sturgis half-mile.

Racers travelled from all over the country to compete and the race was won by FTWCo rider Jordan Baber on a Sportster he and FTWCo's Brad were still building the day of the race. And they won it with a Sideburn sticker on board!

We'll post video footage of the race if/when we find it. Point us to good footage if you have seen it, please. The video below was made by Preston Burroughs as an advert to promote the race. G

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