Friday, 21 August 2015

Vote Drake

This is Drake McElroy, Sideburn 20 cover star, freestyle MX pioneer, Smoking Seagull, the greatest travel show presenter in history and friend of our mag.

He's in some kind of video competition with other freestyle stars on the X Games website. This is a screengrab from his entry, because we can't embed it. So it doesn't matter how many times you click the little arrow on the naked FMX dude, it won't play on our blog, you have to go to X Games Drake McElroy

Please go and watch it, then vote for it. You don't have to sign up, or be on facebook or any of that crap. And it's a fun video (but you got that idea, right?).

Read Drake's own writing about his cafe racer/supermoto/dirt track Honda CRF450 in Sideburn 20.

UPDATE: I just noticed he has a Sideburn rub-on sticker on the clocks of this bike. G

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