Monday 10 August 2015

Magali Noël - Le Rififi

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I'd never heard of Magali Noël until her death was reported on an excellent weekly obituaries podcast (yes really, Radio 4 The Last Word). She sounded interesting, so I investigated. I'm glad I did...

This is from the 1955 French Noir film Les Rififi Chez Les Hommes. (it says 1959 on the YouTubed clip above, but elsewhere it says 1955, and I think that's correct). Rififi is French for fighting or brawling.

Noël also recorded a song about masochistic tendencies call Fais-moi mal, Johnny ("Hurt me Johnny"), that was banned for its lyrical content. This is a translation of one verse, from the original French, I found online...

His little shirt back on 
His li'l suit, his li'l shoes 
Went down the stairs 
Leaving me with a dislocated shoulder. 
For thugs this type, it ain't worth the expense 
Now my bums are all bruised 
Never again shall I request 

Hurt me hurt me Johnny...  

If you're wondering what this post is doing on a motorcycle magazine's blog, I'll explain that our blog is updated daily and has a much longer lead (leash if you're American) to go sniffing out things nothing to do with motorcycling like parquet flooringglass-blowing or the surfer, Bunker Spreckels. If you're solely interested in motorcycles, click on a subject in the green on the right hand side of the screen or come back tomorrow and we guarantee there will be another post, probably about motorcycles, because this blog is...
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Kirk said...

Oh great, as if I didn't already have enough musical obsessions to hunt out now you give me another? Best. Blog. On. The. Web.
CDs accumulating for you guys too- some mad good Turkish stuff.....

Hairy Larry said...

Gosh Darn Gary!

McQmoto said...

Is it possible for that to be any more French?
I don't think so!

JamesJ said...

Motorcycles are just a vehicle.