Thursday, 6 August 2015

Jethro Halbert

Sad news broke overnight when it was announced Jethro Halbert had passed away having not recovered from a crash at Calistoga last September.

I met Jethro for the first time in January 2010, when I was out at the Las Vegas indoor short track. I was there to write a story on his brother, Sammy, who I didn't know much about at the time, but I was told he was a good subject for a story.

Jethro was there, with Sammy and Willy, their dad (pictured with me on that night below), all travelling in a converted school bus, renamed the Cool Bus. Jethro won the dash for cash and the main that weekend. He was so much quieter than Sammy or his dad, and didn't grab headlines but he was a hell of a racer and, in my limited dealings at least, a very nice guy.

Jethro had recently become a father.

It's a sad day. G


McQmoto said...

A very sad day indeed. My deepest sympathies to the Halbert family, friends, the racing community and fans, all of whom will mourn and miss him. It's also particularly tragic that we won't get to see his kid growing up and that they will grow up without him around. Heartbreaking.

Hairy Larry said...

Very sad. Condolences to the Halbert family.