Sunday, 9 August 2015

Leon Foggitt

Evocative shots by Leon Foggitt of DTRA Vintage Class racing.
There's much talk of 'correct body position' being the corner-stone of racing but Anthony's sack-of-spuds poise seems produce results for him, and here, on Wliky's Triumph framer. Hot Chip.
Mobile emporium of metal flake funk. Guy Bon Zorro on his trusty street-legal Triumph.
Drogo on Co-Built Rotax with team manager Dickie Brown
Hot Frog / Ninja Turtle, Hubert Bastie not doing a wheelie for a change. On not very converted Husqvarna MX.
See these fellas juggle their metal and spuds TODAY!
Amman Valley, South Wales SA18 1UT


Anthony Brown said...

Sack of spuds!!!
I take exception to that....

Pete's Man Cave said...

I was goin' to say the same but when the chips are down...........