Saturday, 1 August 2015

Shell Thuet

© Mike Stuhler
A lovely shot of the great Shell Thuet in 1975 at Syracuse with an XS Yamaha he'd prepped for Hank Scott. Read about Thuet's work with the 650 twins in the latest issue of Sideburn magazine, as part of the ongoing blueprints series. And see more superb Mike Stuhler photos and info at the magnificent Stu's Shots R Us. MP


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McQmoto said...

I was fortunate and privileged to meet Shell in 2004 at his well-ordered workshop. In preparation he had dug out his build details for my motor from his files which he gave me (bike featured in SB 1). He also gave me some parts and a Shell Specialties T-shirt. He stubbornly refused to accept any payment. He took the trouble to show me around, chatted and showed me stuff. At that time he was well into his 90s and still building bikes. He had a couple of street trackers he was doing for customers and also a couple of his own OW72 racers. Fantastic feller - a true gent'.

Stuman714 in Indy said...

Just getting caught up around here in the States, and caught this shot you guys shared recently. Thanks for passing on the good word on Stu's Shots, and as always thanks for sharing the good ole days of Stu's Shots when even I was still just a wee one! God Bless all!