Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Hoi Chi Minh Trail by C90

Criminally I don't make enough time to read books, so it's taken me over six months of dipping to get through this book but it's a good read. 'Ants' Bolingbroke-Kent is a well-traveled TV producer who had already explored Vietnam in preparation for more pampered adventure, but she decided to return on her ownsome to follow the route of the infamous Hoi Chi Minh trail (still littered with unexploded American bombs), which also crosses Laos and Cambodia. On a 1989 C90.

Four back-street engine re-builds later she made the 2000 miles unscathed. Most people she meets on the two month treck think she's mental for her choice of vehicle and lack of companion or logistical back-up, but she proves that her calm determination (and a bottle of stashed gin), will push her through and also makes her also more open to approach.
Wot no knobblies. BP

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capnsimo said...

Who need knobblies when you have a bucket that big, or perhaps just pick it up and walk out is best option.....