Saturday, 24 October 2015

Rare Bultaco Astro for Sale in UK

Our mate Gareth is selling this. Again, we don't know anything about the condition or history, we're just passing the details on.

Brought over from Colorado approximately 3 years ago where it was raced regularly we are told. A good friend over in CO had agreed to buy the contents of a garage from the mother of a guy who had been killed in a road bike crash. This was his race bike and one of 16 other dirtbikes in the garage. I intended to race it here after giving up supermoto and having taken part in DQ1. That's now not going to happen unfortunately so it's time to move it on even though I love looking at it parked in the garage.

I have spoken to Hugh's Bultaco in the USA and they have seen this bike in photos and reckon it's pretty special. 1972, model 106 - The first of the Astros. The swing arm and yokes (Nortex) are one off race items I believe. 
The wheel hubs are Barnes and the rims are original Akront, Borani rims (19" front, 18"rear) the rear having knock off sprocket and disc carrier. Original Pirelli tyres ( worth a bit on their own) in good nick. 
The LHS petcock leaks where it meets the fibreglass and will probably be OK with some tank sealant. I have some POR15 which comes with the bike. 
 The Hurst Airheart rear brake set up works from the bars but could do with new seals and I have spare brand new pads for it. 
I have run it and it selects all gears and the clutch is fine. It needs rejetting though as it's very rich. Could do with new chain and has a mahoosive! rear sprocket. 
 The forks need an overhaul at present with little oil inside. Fork seals readily available for these forks. 
The seat is a later style seat and the frame rails have been altered to accommodate. 
Electronic ignition with a twin spark CDI. 
I have a manual and some other bits for it. I also have the import paperwork (pre NOVA) 
 It's a lovely bike and needs racing. £2,950 collection only. Cheshire. 
Gareth 07516 978059

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