Sunday, 18 October 2015

The Ross Sisters

I know what you're thinking, 'Race politics, race schmolitics! I can't wait to see what those freaks serve up for off-topic Sunday.'

Well, faithful reader, we have a beauty. God only knows what our friend Captain Simon was looking for when he found this video, but we're glad he did and shared this nugget of fool's gold with us.

This is from a 1940s film called Broadway Rhythm, I think. It starts off so mundanely that you'll be thinking we've lost the plot, until exactly 2:30 into the clip. Then it seems like you've gobbled a handful of Mick's Magic Mushrooms and washed it down with a mug of Absinthe. People start melting. It is truly unfathomable. A few things went through my mind while watching it, but one was 'And they thought Elvis Presley's wiggling hips were too much for TV audiences?'

Watch and be left agog.

And, I say this every time I go wandering off-piste, but if you're new to the blog and came expecting motorcycles not three sisters with spaghetti skeletons, there are over 5200 posts on this blog, so go digging or come back tomorrow. Because we post:



fully agog .

Anonymous said...

Marvelous. Thank you.
No CGI there and all the better for it.

Mcqmoto said...

I too am agog and also boggled!
What fine country gals they are.

Unknown said...

Mind. Blown.

Hardy said...

Solid Potato

Kirk said...

Dad drat 'em, they ended the clip too soon and I'll never know whether the gals got their comic didos into the big show. I was good up until the bit of business on the green wagon, at which point my mind was blown and my back went out in sympathy with the poor lass- the hillbilly Peking Opera indeed.

LC8awesomeness said...

Retro term for tossed salad?


747 said...