Friday, 16 October 2015


Long time Sideburn contributor Adi Gilbert still brandishing inky sticks when most illustrators have secomb to digital tablets. All power to his elbow! BP
I did the Return to Del Mar for Brian (IVLFT) and Roland Sands poster last year and Brian kindly asked me to do the season poster for this year too. This new poster above, is for IV League Flat Track’s Season II. As well as the usual Flat Track categories there’s some Hooligan Racing, quads, moto-jousts etc. Hence the drawing features a pro bike, quad and street legal harley hooligan. Obviously a Dirt Quake influence to the shenanigans!
The original artwork drawing was done with indian ink and a fine sable brush for the most part with hatching done in pen.
Cheers Adi

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