Wednesday, 4 February 2009


A lot of my time is spent working for motorbike magazines. And one thing that's really hit home in the last year or so, even though it's been going on for years, is the specialization of every facet of motorcycling. Niche, niche, niche. If you ride this bike you've got to have the right helmet and boots to go with it and you wouldn't think of riding it if the wind was blowing in that direction or if it was a Thursday in September.
Back when men were men, they had one bike and did everything on it. If they had a DuoGlide and their friends were going trailriding, 'Well what the fuck? I'm going too and that big, old Harley I just bought better be up to it.'
Clubs like the Richmond Ramblers (pictured), of whom Dick Mann was, and may still be, a member, epitomised that attitude. They'd desert race, flat track, hillclimb, road ride and trail ride the BSA or Triumph. They were, on the whole, club racers with no hope or pretensions of being the next Dick Mann. They just wanted to have fun.
In this spirit Anthony Brown (of the DBA blog)and Captain Highside have put their heads together and arranged a class for Thunderbike short trackers at the upcoming Chalfont St Peter hillclimb. And Team Skooter Farm are going en masse. Rules for the class are 600cc and above and dirt track tyres only. We don't really know a lot about the course, but it's no Widowmaker. Still, it'll be a laugh.
It's on April 26. the club running it are a vintage club and have stipulated the bikes must look like a vintage dirt tracker, so no DTX bikes. The Wood Rotax and its ilk are suitable. Leave a comment if you want more info. GI
PS Forgot to add, Anthony has got a bike for every day of the week. And NEVER rides on Thursdays in September.


Anthony Brown said...

Its True!!!

Never on a thursday in September.

Rupert Paul said...

I would love to watch this event. Presumably you add brakes for the day?

Gary Inman and Ben Part said...

I wouldn't think so. Gravity. It's uphill. Brakes never occurred to me. Anthony, do we need brakes? GI

Gary Inman and Ben Part said...

Apparently some cocky riders have a quick tea break 3/4's of the way up. BP

Anthony Brown said...

No F Brake req. Any bike that would be eligable for the ThunderBikes is OK to run.