Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Thought for the day

From Captain Simon

Did you know Isambard Kingdom Brunel was 27 when he built the Great Western Railway, and 31 when he built the Steamship Great Western? If only he had facebook, a skateboard and a fixie then he could have avoided all that grim Victorian Toil and Graft...

From GI
Isambard's a good name for a boy.

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Atticus Parsimonious said...

absolutely fab...and i'm so glad he didn't rake it out like so many other bmx-x650 hybrids you see.

I love the cable lock around the steering stem, too...for me it says: yeah, you could probably bite through this cable with your fingernail clippers, but i challenge you to try to ride me away without killing yourself within 50 feet, boy!