Monday, 23 February 2009

Trailing leg

Found by Troy C at Chico Moto
I really would like a 1920s bike. I never thought I'd say that. Not a clue what that bike is. Though, because it's a parallel twin I'd like to think someone will make a replica using a CB500T motor.
Top goggle action too. GI

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Anonymous said...

The photo is of Bob Peers, taken around the mid 40's at Worthy Down,
Hampshire. He was and engineer and Officer of the Fleet Air Arm The plane
in the background is a Seafire, one of his maintenance duties. He went on
to assemble and commission the first flight of heliclopters in the UK. They
were American built Sikorski R4's, delivered in wooden crates and were
apparently, rubbish. Of the twelve that were delivered only four or five
ever flew, the rest were so badly made that they broke up during testing.
The bike was salvage from a bomb site in Southampton. On seeing his
Officers uniform workmen clearing the site suggested that he would have more
use than them so they just wheeled it out of the rubble. I don't think
anyone asked questions about ownership at the time.
Jeremy Melling