Saturday, 21 February 2009

Totti BSA

From Mick Phillips (who wrote the Cigarette card and speedway hair stories in SB2). Totti is Italy's most prolific special builder. He's tried everything. He usually mixes styles up to create unique, sometimes 'challenging' machines. This is a far straighter build from the bearded maestro. Cheers Mick.

"A tasty BSA found lurking on Totti Motori. Once a 500cc B33, but the motor was brought up to 720 and surely strengthened big time, then slotted into a hardtail frame. Certainly doesn't seem like a B33 rigid, but those shrouded forks look original. Tank is a typical 2 gallon Beesa comp job, such as from a Hornet. Nice alloys, possibly Borrani given that this bike was built in Italy many years back by Roberto Totti, who can't remember much about it except that it's got a close-ratio box."

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Atticus Parsimonious said...

Good Lord, that's a great site! My Dad grew up on BSAs and Triumphs from the 1960s to early 1970's. He's going to love the totti site..