Friday, 6 February 2009

Mule Motorcycles Web Surfer

This is the Web Surfer seen at the Grand National Roadster show in, you know, California somewhere. It was built by Richard At Mule. We have a feature on Mule we're really happy with for issue 3.
It's called the Web Surfer because all parts were made, donated or bought cheap through eBay (web geddit?). The seat is made from Balsa wood with 'stringers' like a surfboard (surfer, geddit?). Frame is a modified Sporty, forks are Ducati 900SS/SP with Mule triple clamps. Wheels are modified Kawasaki with Maxxis tyres. It was built for/in conjunction with US mag Cycle World.

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Anonymous said...

Got wood on your bike have you?

Dirty boy.