Saturday, 7 February 2009

Rocky VI

What is it about flat trackers? Sideburn favourite Chris Carr was the fastest man on two wheels, with a run of 350.884mph. Then the guy in the lead in this photo, Rocky Robinson, went and broke the record last year, with an astonishing 360.913.
I was in Bonneville in 2007 with SB photographer Fly Tipping and my mate Michael. I interviewed Rocky not long after a 200+mph crash. The crash was so bad his cheeks were covered in salt when they pulled him out of the cockpit and Fly stuck his Canon in his dazed face. To come back a year later and go faster than anyone on two wheels ever has takes some cods. GI
Thanks to Wayne Karcich for the photo.

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Rocky Robinson said...

In 2007 I actually went down at over 300. My average through the mile while tumbling was around 287 mph. The only faster run at that meet was my first pass right at 300. I guess we're getting better...