Friday, 20 February 2009

Stuff I love. Pt 1.

Stuff I'm loving beyond all measure. Click the links and be taken nice places. GI

Everything Kriega make. British designed (though made in China), super heavy-duty stuff that sets the standard for modern motorcycle soft goods. I’m flattered they advertise in Sideburn. This is Ben's tool roll, ready for action.

I'm not big on fancy dan helmet paintjobs. They remind me of spoilt journalists, but racers are allowed. These are by new London custom den Death Spray Custom. He'll paint bike tanks too. Yum-yum. Thanks to Wes at HfL for the introduction.

King Khan and his Shrines. Still. And the cover of this CD on German label Voodoo Rhythm. King Khan got it all. Can't wait to see them again.

Germans! We had Jan from motokultursite Chromjuwelen contact us first, then Helge at Motoraver. Helge runs magazine and website with a uniquely German take on hot rodding/street customs. Helge's just bought a Sporty street tracker too. That's his 76 Granada, that won't mean much to the Americans reading this but will surely please a few Brits and Germans (who can't afford to buy or run an American V8).

BBC Radio 6. If you're unfortunate enough not to live in GB you'll have crap radio. It's a fact. Do yourself a favour and get on the internet and listen in. They play a lot of new indie stuff and loads of old favourites and tunes you won't hear anywhere else. Like 20-year-old live concerts of the Screaming Blue Messiahs.

This fella's Lego helmet.

The Vintagent. A proper high quality blog, that gives the blog landscape something really different. And Paul d'Orleans, the Vintagent, likes Sideburn so much he's going to write something for Sideburn 3 and 4. He's a dapper chap, too.

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Chris said...

that lego helmet is great - I expect it gets a top reaction from other road users too. Perhaps not as badass as we sometimes like to imagine but I bet the young ladies love it!