Saturday, 28 February 2009


Wow! That's what I thought when these guys got in touch. We love HWZNBROSS work.
And we've just sorted out Japanese distribution. More info soon

I saw your web, It's great!!
viva side burn!!!

hwznbross U-SK's TR-6 !!!!!


t said...

These guys are the best. I met them at the Mooneyes show. They were doing wheelies and burnouts in the parking lot on one of their Triumphs and generally seemed to be having the most fun of anyone.

Lea Thermallet said...

If I had that thing on my tank I'd be really scared when applying the front stopper in a hurry, I value my nuts. Crack on!
Lea Thermallet.

Oliver said...

yaz, and yuske are brothers, and all around rad dudes, who know what cool is.

viva la bounty hunter crew

fast and dangerous!