Friday, 27 February 2009

Homemade race chassis

Anthony Brown of the DBA blog has been busy making a one-off frame to race in this year's Short Track UK series. It looks great already.

'Things are starting to take shape nicely now. Geoff and his workshop are coming into their own now. We have one last piece of machining outstanding and then the top half of the frame will be tacked together. The front end assy is almost complete with just the yokes to finalise. Swing arm will still need some work. Tank and Seat look really nice (thanks Stuart). More soon I hope..."


#15 said...

ahhhh, looks gorgeous!!
I couldn't keep my fingers away to get it finished and ride it!!

what are those frames hangin'?
BMX? Haro?

Gary Inman and Ben Part said...

are you using perspex for your frame?
I can't see it. Why not make the whole bike with it?
You could get 10 minute headstarts and no one would realise it.
Not sure how you would make yourself invisible though. Oh & you'd need to make it completely silent too. Electric!

Diplomat said...

Don't scoff you lot - there are many projects that haven't got this far, i should know - at least two of them are mine ! The idea of of hanging the bits you do have from the ceiling and imagining the rest is a technique developed over years and is to be applauded.

Anonymous said...

Lots of work still to do......
But it's coming on!
Sharp eye's there.
Yep there's a few BMX frames.
One I built, an 83 PK ripper, 84 Haro sport, an 83 Haro freestyler & my new bike (yet to be built up) a Colony.