Saturday, 1 August 2009

Dick Mann replica

From Roger, Thanks.

Every July the AMA runs a vintage bike weekend in Ohio at and around Mid-Ohio roadcourse.? It is a bookend to an AMA roadrace national either the weekend before or after too.? The Friday night of Vintage Days Weekend is a vintage only half-mile at nearby Ashland county fairgrounds that I can't usually make.? The 3 attached pictures are of a Dick Mann replica BSA Goldstar that ran there, that was on display in thge Team Obsolete pits at the roadraces.? What is also cool is that they took the time to get the #64 exactly correct.? Dick Mann was # 64 when he won #1 in 1964 on Matchless roadracers and BSA dittrackers.? He later inherited #2 from Dick Klamfoth when he retired.? (He wore #4 the year the AMA assigned numbers based on finishing points in 1971, a method that only lasted the one season due to it's unpopularity)? Roger


Marcus said...

WOW, beautiful! That would be good for a SB feature and cover! Whatta style, I love it!

/Marcus (Moto Design)

KrookStreetRacing said...

Could not agree more. Gorgeous!


Mick P said...

Wow. I want to hear that thing fired up. It'd be a chest-puncher. Love it.