Thursday, 28 January 2010

Cheeky Shooter

Just something about these CCM through-frame 'poke it out the window' stubby silencers, that's ticking my box. When I first saw Rusty 'Preisendorfer' Hodgsons Suzuki engined F-35, I thought Hmm that's novel, but after a bit of homework I found out they've employed this trick since their early days BSA-engined scramblers in the 70s. BP

UPDATE: Dynomax UK have told us 'The can is a Remus Powercone. Dynomax developed it for CCM on their FT’s. CCM then placed an order with Remus, but all those cans are sold. Unless they place another order for 20 min. (I think) we can’t get them. So we’re abit stuffed really.'

I bet Co-Built could make you a replica. GI


t said...

those are sweet .. nice and tucked out of the way .. but still up high. Probably live through a crash a lot better too.

Angostura Bitters said...

Yessss! Abbreviated Mufflers on vintage Thumpers are very cool. Very tidy. And I don't think obnoxious depending on conditions. Unlike the proto-gp exhausts you see on kids' inline-4 supersports...

Have you poked around this site yet?


But there are lots of gorge examples here, e.g.

Check it out!!!

Anonymous said...

What kind of muffler/end can is that and where can I get one?

Anthony Brown said...

Yep Gary is right

We will make you one anonymous

stevie coles said...

i like the one on biddys old thunderbike, that was tucked away like an immigrant on a stobart truck!.