Sunday, 31 January 2010

Mablethorpe Sand Racing

I've been meaning to do a post on the sand racing since last November, when I went to the first race of the season. I went again today, to drop my Wood frame off with Les of CJ Powder Coating, Grimsby. That's his Honda with the shiny tank.
There are plenty of riders making a truth of the motto 'It's not what you ride, it's how you ride it'.
It was properly freezing. Snow on the ground, the high street had ice an inch thick on it. And look how long the shadows are.
I saw my mates Carl (who is sorting the FT500) and Russ. While I was talking to them someone offered to lend me a bike for the last race of the year, one month today. Be rude not to. I've never raced in thermals before. GI

Read Rupert Paul's Mablethorpe sand racing story in Sideburn 3.


Austin said...

You didn't hang around long G, think I missed you by about 5 mins. I managed to last the day but it was pretty damn cold on that beach...

Russ said...

Cold? I thought it was nice and sunny! It is all relative I suppose - no rain or hail always makes for an easier day.

It will be good to see you there at the last meeting - I guess you are talking about riding Tom's CBR? If it is the CBR I looked out a picture of your ride: It certainly goes fast, it is the turning left that is the trick. It should certainly be worth writing about.

Dave (the guy who posts the pictures) has hundreds of pictures of the sand racing on his site if you fancy a look.

stevie coles said...

some lovely "earthy" looking bikes there!.
i hope you had a recruiting drive to get em on the thunderbike grids for this season!!.
i miss seeing barry trying to manhandle his triumph round kings lynn!!