Friday, 29 January 2010

Skooter Farm HQ

I've said it before, but it's worth repeating - without Dave Skooter Farm there'd be no Sideburn magazine (or blog). Bumping into him at a race made me think I could race too. I was up working in Manchester last week and took the opportunity to call in at Skooter Farm HQ for a nose around Dave and Louise's incredible pad, dad. Here are some of the highlights.

Below: Dave with the CM200 race bike he built before there was even a race series in Britain. This is going to be his training bike when the north west contingent get their practice track up and running.
Talking of North West, there are rumours of a race in Manchester in the Spring. If it's true, who's coming to watch? G

UPDATE: Dave's excellent Full Frockle blog


Giannis said...

Never thought a CM200 would look that good

Nick said...

If that's a practice bike, WOW

YZ400BEN said...

What tyres are you running on that Dave-TT100s?

dave skooter farm said...

Tyres on this bike are Dunlop K70's......they are on 18 inch rims. I built this bike just for fun in 1996 with no serious plans or even opportunity to race.
If I had known that 10 years later there would be a UK race series, perhaps I woulda put 19 inch rims on it and used my worn out race tyres. Then again, maybe I would have used a more competitive doner bike in the first place.... who knows??!!

SKOOTER FARM is in the process of setting up a small practice track and as it happens....I already have a neato bike with a suprising amount of poke that won't annoy the neighbours too much!

BCM said...

Hoffman bikes EK, we couldn't give those thing away.

Austin said...

I want that Hoffman! When do we get some more Skooter Farm tees, mine's falling to pieces now???

dave skooter farm said...

hey Austin!!
how are ya?
Been thinking about perhaps a small run of the RICH KING shirt.....however,Last year, we passed on our race supplies service to RED MAX SPEEDSHOP...So not really got an outlet to sell 'em other than at the races.

Don't know how much demand there would be, either?

I'll talk to the printer and see what the smallest run would be....
maybe we can work something out.

You got no plans to come racing these season?

REDMAX said...

You make em Dave n i'll sell em !

Austin said...

there ya go Dave, you make em he'll sell em. just make sure you keep one aside for me before they sell out!
my sr should be finished soon but can't see i'll ever race it, my complete lack of ability at sand racing would make me more of a hazard than a competitor at short track.
the big skooter farm sticker on my guitar case does get quite a few comments as it's dragged round the country though, especially when i mention the jailcell link!

dave skooter farm said...

Didn't ya do a slide school one time?
Maybe dip a toe on an X-plate?
Come under the Skooter Farm race tent.... along with our new recruit Pete Wilkinson...we will look after you!!

BTW, we recently played a few shows and did a new recording with 75% of JAILCELL RECIPES...
We got a new singer and a name change......BAIL-BOND.
We played with GERIATRIC UNIT (ex-Heresy)...Steve Charlesworth says hello! give me a private message and we can talk further.

About the shirts.....Steve Red Max,
I will give ya a call...see if we can work something out......